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Since 1996 Sports Vault has joined fans with sports heroes and celebrities. They provide an extensive selection of autographed sports memorabilia, adult and youth-licensed apparel, trading cards, licensed novelties and photographs all at competitive prices.

We helped them redesign their entire e-commerce presence with a new Shopify website, social media marketing and Klaviyo-powered email marketing.


Our client had a Shopify store that was built by another agency, but it wasn’t designed optimally from a user experience standpoint. Additionally, they were missing vital eCommerce integrations that affected their conversion rate. Google Analytics & the Facebook (Meta) Pixel hadn’t been properly implemented so they were missing out on valuable data insights. All of these factors led to low conversion rates and lost revenue opportunities for our Sports Vault.

Even though they had great existing customer relationships and huge interest from users, they were not able to scale their business because they had no roadmap planned for their eCommerce store. They had also previously attempted social media marketing without an overall strategy in place and had limited success.

They were depending almost entirely on in-person signing events and traditional brick-and-mortar shops, but really wanted to expand nationally with their eCommerce presence. This was when they began seeking a digital agency that could assist them eCommerce strategy and execution. As we had recently established a partnership with NFL Hall of Fame inductee, Brian Dawkins, our new partnership with Sports Vault was a natural fit!


Sports Memorabilia

Technology Partner

Shopify Development

Creative Design

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Klaviyo Email Marketing

Our Approach

We did a complete audit of their website to identify all areas of improvement and other “low hanging fruit” opportunities. Once we finished that, we established a priority list of services to execute. To start off with, we completely rebuilt their website on Shopify before spending any money on marketing. We made sure they had all the necessary analytics tools integrated to track the data on their future marketing campaigns.

Once the website was optimized and launched, we worked on the creative strategy for social media and launched ads on multiple different platforms. We implemented our full-funnel approach, which included targeting potential customers with creatives that would appeal to them and then providing personalized & engaging touchpoints throughout the rest of the customer journey. In parallel to setting up their social media ads, we set up advanced automation email marketing flows on Klaviyo. We automated multiple flows (i.e. abandoned cart, customer win-back, product upsells, etc.) to ensure all the web traffic continued to receive exposure to Sports Vault throughout the customer journey in many different areas.

In a nutshell, our clients were overwhelmed with the challenges they faced and we helped them understand where they were missing out. We then worked with them to create a step-by-step plan that we would execute on in order of priority to focus on the tasks that would have the most direct impact, the soonest.


  • In-depth current digital strategy audit (website and digital marketing)
  • Design & development of the eCommerce store
  • Review of previous years data for the social media channels
  • Provide audit conclusions and suggested next steps for areas of opportunity. Headed them through everything from the bottom up, demonstrating how the recommended services would produce real results and significant revenue growth.
  • Re-engaged leads that did not convert originally through personalized email campaigns
  • We conducted weekly social tests for the full funnel, allowing us to narrow our campaigns to only include the most effective components
  • Created promotions to generate email & SMS registrations and signups


By implementing the digital strategy we created, which included enhancing the look, feel and performance of the website, optimizing their ads, and running personalized email & SMS, Sports Vault saw a +331% growth in overall year over year sales.

  • Facebook & Instagram Sales: +128% Increase YoY
  • Overall Sales Growth: +331% Revenue Increase YoY
  • Email Marketing: +160% Increase YoY
  • Online store conversion rate: +46% Increase YoY

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