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Established in 1996, Sports Vault has been a trusted source of autographed sports memorabilia, adult and youth-licensed apparel, trading cards, licensed novelties, and photographs. We partnered with them to revamp their e-commerce presence, building a new Shopify website, bolstering their social media marketing, and powering their email marketing with Klaviyo.

Identified Challenges

Despite having an existing Shopify store created by a different agency, Sports Vault suffered from suboptimal user experience and lacked crucial e-commerce integrations, impacting their conversion rates. Furthermore, the improper implementation of Google Analytics and Meta Pixel caused them to miss valuable data insights, resulting in low conversion rates and missed revenue opportunities.

Their attempts at social media marketing with a lack of overarching strategy were met with limited success. Although they enjoyed strong existing customer relationships and substantial user interest, their lack of a comprehensive e-commerce roadmap constrained their scaling ambitions.

Primarily dependent on in-person signing events and traditional retail outlets, Sports Vault sought to broaden their national reach through their e-commerce presence. This aspiration led them to us, seeking a digital agency proficient in e-commerce strategy and execution.


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Strategic Approach

We initiated our partnership by performing a thorough audit of their website, identifying areas for improvement and low-hanging fruit opportunities. Prioritizing services to be executed, we reconstructed their Shopify website before allocating any budget towards marketing. This rebuild ensured the integration of all necessary analytics tools, priming them for future data-driven marketing campaigns.

Once the optimized website was live, we commenced work on the creative strategy for social media, launching ads on various platforms. Parallel to this, we established advanced automated email marketing flows on Klaviyo, automating several flows, including abandoned cart, customer win-back, product upsells, among others.

Through these strategies, we created a comprehensive plan that prioritized impactful tasks, thereby offering an immediate solution to the client’s challenges.

Implementation Process

  • A comprehensive audit of the existing digital strategy, encompassing the website and digital marketing.
  • Design and development of the optimized e-commerce store.
  • Detailed analysis of historical data from social media channels.
  • Presentation of audit conclusions and suggested next steps, offering a step-by-step plan that we executed, prioritizing impactful tasks.
  • Re-engagement of non-converting leads through personalized email campaigns.
  • Execution of weekly social tests for the full funnel, refining campaigns to include only the most effective components.
  • Creation of promotions to stimulate email & SMS sign-ups.


By executing the tailor-made digital strategy, which included website enhancement, ad optimization, and personalized email & SMS campaigns, Sports Vault experienced a 331% YoY sales growth.

  • Facebook & Instagram sales observed a 125% increase YoY.
  • Overall sales growth experienced a substantial 331% YoY revenue increase.
    Email marketing noted a 160% YoY increase.
  • Online store conversion rates increased by 46% YoY.


Through our comprehensive and data-driven strategies, we transformed Sports Vault’s e-commerce presence, leading to significant sales growth and a stronger digital footprint.

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