Decrease in Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)


Increase in Email Revenue


Branded Google Ads Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)


CILQUE was established in 2010 and is a female-founded and female-owned company. Its mission is to add dazzle, glam and beauty to the sleep experience. Their products range from silk bedding to silk scrunchies and other silk accessories.

1 At Bat Media partnered with CILQUE to improve their overall online presence & digital marketing strategy. We created a comprehensive digital marketing plan and helped them showcase their products and drive more e-commerce sales through Google Ads, Social Media Marketing and E-commerce focused Email Marketing.


Overall, CILQUE had an established eCommerce presence but didn’t have the strategy and structure around the digital marketing channels, mainly, Meta Ads, Google Ads and Email Marketing.

  • Inconsistent eCommerce performance with minimal structure around overall strategy, which lead to significant revenue fluctuations month to month
  • Not fully utilizing their email list and advanced email automation
  • Sporadic Meta ads campaigns with no ad funnel structure


Premium Silk Accessories

Technology Partner


Facebook & Instagram Ads


Google Ads

Our Approach

We started by doing a deep-dive through the data history of CILQUE’s Shopify account and Google Analytics to get a better understanding of the big picture and how channels were interacting with each other. In addition, we reviewed all previous campaign data across Meta Ads, Google Ads and their Klaviyo account.

Once we had a strong understanding of what had/had not worked in the past, we went to work on building out our full-funnel campaign strategy incorporating Meta, TikTok, Google and Klavyio.


  • In-depth digital audit
  • Plan out our ad funnels and creative strategy
  • Present findings and new digital marketing plan to the CILQUE for review
  • Implement advanced automation flows within Klaviyo to re-engage users at different stages of the customer journey



  • 32% decrease in new customer acquisition costs
  • 45% increase in revenue attributed to Klaviyo email marketing
  • 10x return on ad spend for Branded Google Ads
  • Online store conversion rate: +46% Increase YoY
  • Online Store sessions: +252% Increase YoY

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