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Increase in Email Revenue


Branded Google Ads Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)


Founded in 2010, CILQUE is a women-led enterprise that aims to revolutionize the sleep experience with a touch of glamour and elegance. Their product portfolio spans an exquisite range of silk bedding, silk scrunchies, and other silk accessories.

To bolster their online presence and digital marketing strategy, CILQUE enlisted the services of 1 At Bat Media. Our role was to architect a comprehensive digital marketing blueprint to amplify product visibility and accelerate e-commerce sales via Google Ads, Social Media Marketing, and E-commerce-centric Email Marketing.

Identified Challenges

Despite having a notable eCommerce footprint, CILQUE lacked a robust strategy and structure around their digital marketing avenues, predominantly Meta Ads, Google Ads, and Email Marketing. They were grappling with:

  • Inconsistent eCommerce performance due to a nebulous strategy, causing significant month-to-month revenue volatility.
  • Under-utilization of their email list and advanced email automation.
  • Irregular Meta ads campaigns bereft of a coherent ad funnel structure.

Strategic Approach

Our first step was a meticulous analysis of the historical data from CILQUE’s Shopify account and Google Analytics. This allowed us to glean a holistic understanding of the various channel interactions and their overall impact. Subsequently, we scrutinized previous campaign data across Meta Ads, Google Ads, and their Klaviyo account.

Armed with insights about past successes and failures, we embarked on crafting a comprehensive full-funnel campaign strategy, weaving in elements of Meta, TikTok, Google, and Klaviyo.


Luxury Silk Bedding & Accessories

Technology Partners


Facebook & Instagram Ads


Google Ads

Implementation Process

  • We conducted an exhaustive digital audit.
  • We strategized our ad funnels and creative approach.
  • We presented our findings and the new digital marketing proposal to CILQUE for their perusal.
  • We instated advanced automation flows within Klaviyo, aimed at re-engaging users at various stages of their customer journey.


Our strategic initiatives yielded significant improvements, as evidenced by the following metrics:

  • A 32% reduction in new customer acquisition costs.
  • A notable 45% upswing in revenue attributed to Klaviyo email marketing.
  • A substantial 10x return on ad spend for Branded Google Ads.
  • The online store conversion rate surged by 46% YoY.
    Online store visits escalated by an impressive 252% YoY.
  • The customer retention rate improved by 35% YoY, contributing to the robust growth trajectory.


By carefully deploying resources, we managed to unlock CILQUE’s digital potential and drive them towards more robust e-commerce growth.

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