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Web development planning considers not just what your company’s present technological footprint is like, but also what you want it to look like in the future. Working together early on in your project engagement, our solutions architects and web development teams collaborate with you to figure out how you wish your business to develop. Then we build a strategy and explain how technology plays a part in achieving your company objectives.

MVP or an Upgrade?

Our team is skilled in finding the perfect balance between technology, strategy, and design to create modern websites that truly capture your brand. We offer a broad spectrum of services like adaptive and responsive website development, e-commerce solutions website revamping, maintenance, and more.

Development for web applications usually falls into one of two categories: MVP or product enhancement. The former is necessary when starting from scratch, while the latter focuses on making changes or additions to an existing product.

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Our Development Process

The backend of your website is everything that happens behind the scenes. It’s perhaps the most important component of the software puzzle, even though it isn’t visible. The entire system won’t function correctly if it isn’t built well. Our staff specializes in all modern back-end technologies and languages, which allows us to create cutting-edge web solutions that run exactly as intended. And in some cases, this is actually the case! If we come across an issue while developing your solution or have a suggestion to improve it, we won’t be bashful. We’ll show you how to address the problem in the most effective way possible.

The term “front-end” refers to the portion of a website that users see and interact with, whereas “back-end” refers to what happens behind the scenes. The front end must balance careful design with seamless functionality in order for your product’s users to have a pleasant experience when they view and use it. We know how to deliver exactly that. Our team is well-versed in the leading practices of all current front-end technology and platforms, working fast and intelligently to provide a high-quality front-end experience for your consumers.

Businesses utilize mobile apps to offer a more personalized experience than simply a marketing website. They address needs that online solutions can’t meet. Every mobile project begins by establishing the connections between our client’s business strategy and the mobile app that will help it execute. Understanding of audience wants, behavioral patterns, and company capabilities are how we come to determine how the app integrates with the intricate ecosystem of devices and user expectations.

A comprehensive understanding of all the tools available in the market is required to develop a mobile app. Native applications, progressive web apps, and cross-platform technologies are all important components of our mobile development toolkit. Our experience allows us to offer recommendations for the best solution based on our clients’ objectives. That knowledge also extends to our mobile QA department. We conduct end-to-end testing as well as re-testing to guarantee that apps remain up to date with the platform and device upgrades from one version to the next.

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We’ll take a close look at your business and operations, and make recommendations for how we can help

Let's Make It A Win-Win:


A customized experience from start to finish

Rather than using the traditional methods, we will create a design tailored to meet your needs/goals.


Situation Analysis

We will take a look at your current website and provide you with a detailed report on what is working well and what can be improved. We'll also offer suggestions on how to make your site more user-friendly and effective for digital marketing purposes.


Mobile Optimization:

Assure that your audience gets the best possible user experience on the devices that they use most often.

Frequently Asked Questions

Consider the following questions:

  • Does your website generate qualified leads that convert into new customers
  • Do you like the way your website looks and functions?
  • Can YOU easily update your website with new content (text, images, blogs, videos, etc.)?
  • Does your website look great on all devices (computer, tablet, phone)?
  • Does your website help you achieve your goals?

If you answered NO to any of these questions, you may want to consider investing in a new website.


1 At Bat Media builds “responsive” websites, which is a fancy way of saying that each website will adjust to the screen it’s being viewed on to ensure a great user experience, especially on mobile since over half of all website traffic these days is mobile.

For most projects, we are able to commit to launching a new website 8 – 12 weeks from the date a client delivers the assets required to begin development. On average, we deliver a new website within 8 weeks, if not sooner!

  1. 1 At Bat Media’s website development process begins with a thorough Discovery meeting where a website professional takes the time to understand a customer’s specific project and objectives.
  2. Scope of Work and Proposal is prepared and delivered that includes the project details and price. Should the customer decide to move forward, they are assigned a Website Project Manager who is responsible for collecting the assets needed to develop the website and guiding the customer through the design and development stages.
  3. After the development stage is complete, we complete a quality assurance check and SEO kickstart, then schedule a training with the customer with the goal of teaching them how to manage and update the website.
  4. With the customer’s approval, we launch the website. Following the launch, we offer a 30-Day Warranty which covers any issues that may arise, Free of charge. We also have a Support Desk that is available to answer questions and assist with updates should the need arise.

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