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TikTok is a social media platform that is rapidly growing in popularity, and our team of TikTok experts can help you harness that power to drive revenue and awareness for your brand.

We have an optimized approach to content strategy that will align with your brand. We create bold content, develop & manage powerful influencer partnerships, manage your community and activate stories through paid media.

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The brands that are mastering the TikTok algorithm are not only running a data-backed paid campaign strategy, but they are also posting frequently on their pages, refreshing creative across paid campaigns, and leveraging content creators for user-generated content.

At 1 At Bat Media, we break down barriers between the organic page, influencer marketing, and paid media through refreshing, consistent creative driven by content creators representing your brand.

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1 Billion+ Active Users

With over 1 billion active users, TikTok is a powerful platform to build awareness. Our organic TikTok strategies use engaging creative content to maximize reach, including pre-planned and viral content. This way, we can take advantage of the platform’s biggest moments as they happen. We stay true to brand initiatives and storytelling while doing so.

For business owners who are motivated to grow their business online, our TikTok marketing services can help achieve those goals. With our deep understanding of the platform and its trends, we can create a campaign that is tailored specifically for your brand and resonates with your target audience.

Viral TikTok Video Production

Our strategists create detailed concept plans for each video, ensuring that the produced material is on brand as well.

On Top of The Trends

We make sure to always be ahead of the trends so you don’t have to, allowing your brand to always remain popular.

Community & Engagement

We enable organizations to build one-of-a-kind connections with other consumers, clients, and fans on the platform by inspiring activity and discussions.

On-Brand Creatives

We come up with ideas, and we do so in collaboration with our partners. Our team of creators generates content that is consistent with the brand and relevant to our target audience—for example, user-generated content, but we own the narrative.

Explosive Growth

As an eCommerce business, you need to utilize TikTok’s potential for explosive and targeted reach. With versatile ads, it is possible to sustainably engage millions of potential customers using a combination of branded creative content and media buying. Our team can develop a content strategy that will quickly scale your conversions and results. Don’t miss out on this powerful social media platform- let us help you grow your business on TikTok today.

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Frequently Asked Questions


TikTok ads have better potential than other types of ads if they are managed correctly. The platform’s content style is likely the cause for this difference.


At 1 At Bat Media, we specialize in delivering dynamic content that resonates with your target audience. When we create an in-app or brand takeover campaign, we use high-resolution images that take over the entire screen and keep viewers engaged. TikTok provides very little space for a written explanation, so our call to action is snappy, direct, and irrefutable.

TikTok is the finest platform for B2C businesses wanting to reach millennials and genZ. TikTok influencers have created incredibly devoted communities that genuinely enjoy branded content when creatively produced. We feel… In fact, we’re certain that at this moment, TikTok’s platform is severely undervalued, which is why we’ve concentrated 95 percent of our resources on assisting companies to navigate it. Before your competitors gain an even bigger advantage, increase the size of your TikTok campaigns.

After we’ve created and implemented a successful TikTok marketing strategy, we employ advanced analytics tools to track and optimize its performance, delivering the outcomes you want and deserve.

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