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When it comes to growing your brand, influencer marketing is a powerful tool. By targeting influential individuals who have a large following, you can reach a new audience quickly and easily.

With our database of thousands of influencer connections, we can help you find the right people to promote your product or service. And because you have direct control over the messaging and creative direction, you can be sure that your campaign will reflect your brand values. Plus, you can see exactly how many people saw it, liked it, and double-tapped it.


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Full-Serve Influencer Outreach

Once you’ve decided who you want to work with and the terms of the agreement have been hammered out, the campaign will begin. The contract is generally expected to contain conditions regarding the number of postings by the influencer and when they must be made. It’s best not to try to change an influencer’s voice or style unless it’s absolutely necessary. You’re collaborating with them because of their influence and tone; if you attempt to modify it, their audience will notice and may not be interested in what you’re selling.

Data-driven Influencer Marketing Services

We connect brands with social media personalities and influencers to add an authentic, personal touch to marketing that feels objective. Our process of choosing the perfect fit for each campaign is data-based, so we know everything there is to know about who will be talking about your brand before they say a word because 

Our Influencer Marketing Process

The Advantages of Influencer Marketing


Traditional ads lack the confidence, authenticity, and trust that influencers inspire.

Competitive Advantage

Keep your business one step ahead of the competition by implementing an influencer marketing strategy.

Cost Efficient

Achieve a lower cost per activation than other media sources on a regular basis.

Influencer marketing is a great way for e-commerce businesses to grow their brand. By putting your brand in front of an engaged audience that already has a positive opinion of the messenger, you can increase your brand awareness significantly.

High Performing Creatives

Generate high-performing creatives that produce conversion-focused & brand building results.

Strong Conversion Rates

Influencers have a ton of authority with their audiences. The trust, authenticity, and connection that they bring should not be overlooked. Add influencers to your digital marketing strategy and watch your overall performance skyrocket & Improve your conversion rate by building trust and genuine connections with your target audience.

The 1 At Bat Media Influencer Network

Tap into our premium network of leading influencers, across every industry to drive targeted conversions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An influencer audit is the process of measuring an influencer’s impact, quality, and efficacy on a particular social network. We’ll show you how to do influencer audits on Instagram in this case.

To find potential influencers for your marketing campaigns, you can use software solutions, search engines, lists, and social listening tools. However, the most helpful resource is our database of industry-specific influencers.

Influencer marketing is a good fit for almost every business. There are influencers and a target audience on the social web for nearly every topic, whether B2B or B2C. It’s just as significant that businesses figure out which target group they want to appeal to and what the campaign’s goals should be.

It’s worth noting that many influencers and followers are members of the same generation. They share the same interests and communicate in a similar way. Naturally, brands cannot provide this since decision-makers at businesses are frequently too far removed from the target audience. Marketing is influenced by close ties between corporations and consumers.

An influencer campaign starts with planning. In order to implement successful influencer campaigns, it is important to define the goals, develop a strategy and determine a target group as early as possible. On the basis of strategy development and goal definition, influencers are selected and collected in a list of suggestions.

The next big step is the implementation of the campaign. After the briefing, the operational implementation of the campaign begins. Based on the briefing, the influencers develop their own text and image creations for the influencer campaigns. After approval, the content is published via the influencers’ channels. In the last step, when the campaign has ended after its runtime, the KPIs are evaluated in order to measure success.

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