YouTube Has Revealed The Top-Performing Super Bowl Ads For 2022

Have you seen all of the major Super Bowl commercials and taken notes for your own campaigns? If not, you can still see them on YouTube’s AdBlitz showcase, which features all of the event’s major campaigns. And today, YouTube unveiled the winners of its Super Bowl AdBlitz for 2022, which were the most viewed ads […]

For its Quest 2 VR Headsets, Meta Has Launched a New Metaverse-aligned Ad Campaign

While Facebook’s daily user count may have plateaued, its parent company, Meta, is already moving ahead to the next stage, focusing on the theoretical’ metaverse’ and how we’ll all be engaging in totally digital worlds in the not-too-distant future. This is the subject of Meta’s most recent ad campaign, which debuted this week. As you […]

Everything You Need To Know About Super Bowl 56: Marketing Edition

This year’s Super Bowl will be shown on NBC, and it will take place in the middle of the Winter Olympics, which will also be broadcast on the network. On the evening of Feb. 13, NBC will pause its Olympic programming to show the NFL championship game, which is annually the most-watched television broadcast in […]

How to Increase Your Reach with Newsletter Advertising

Newsletter advertising is becoming a common practice in the industry as marketers look for innovative ways to reach new prospects. This up-and-coming medium is a good choice for advertisers of all sizes and budgets, thanks to its effective targeting and high engagement rates. While newsletter advertising has gained popularity among growing startups like AppSumo, it’s […]

Patents By Facebook Shows How It Plans To Profit From Metaverse

While the metaverse concept has been around for decades, and many describe its first, albeit quite basic, incarnation to be 2003’s Second Life, Facebook parent Meta is leading the push into the kind of VR-powered shared world that people associate with Ready Player One. And being Facebook, that means plenty of ads, some of which […]

What Are the Top 10 UI/UX Web Design Trends 2022

While UI and UX are often talked about together as if they are both parts of one pot, the truth is they are polar opposites. You can think of it as two sides of the same brain – the design brain. UI or User Interaction/User Interface is the portion of the design process that resembles […]

How Influencer Marketing Can Help Drive Sales For Your Business

With eCommerce on the rise, influencer marketing is also generating better responses, which additionally relates to the evolving content landscape, and getting your brand message to stand out in busy social feeds. Generating traction on TikTok, for example, requires a dedicated approach to the platform, as re-purposing ads from other networks simply don’t work in […]

How to Protect Your Website from Hackers and Data Breaches

The number of website data breaches is steadily growing. Statista data shows the number of U.S. breaches rose from 662 to more than a thousand in recent years. Some industries like government and healthcare have been particularly affected. For instance, recent data by Verizon shows data breaches in the healthcare industry increased by 58 percent. You may be […]

10 Ecommerce Trends All Online Shop Owners Need to Know in 2022

Are you looking for ways to improve your eCommerce website? Want to learn the key trends that will affect your online shop over the coming year? The eCommerce industry has grown exponentially over the past decade. As online retail continues to grow, it’s essential that online shop owners keep up with the trends, or else they risk falling behind […]