Shopify Introduces Collabs to Link Companies and Creators

Shopify has launched a new platform called Shopify Collabs that makes it easier for creators to find and partner with Shopify merchants looking for marketing support. Shopify’s goal is to bring economic independence to this new generation of entrepreneurs. Despite the size of the total creator economy, estimated to be worth over $100B*, most creators […]

Everything You Need To Know About Instagram Reels

Looking to get into Instagram Reels? With the recent announcement that Instagram will now merge all video uploads (up to 15 minutes) into the Reels feed, no doubt many brands are considering their options, and how they can maximize their Reels approach in the upcoming holiday season. If that sounds like you, then this may help. […]

TikTok Provides New Insight into the Potential of Live-Stream Shopping

TikTok really wants to make live-stream commerce a thing, which would then enable it to follow in the footsteps of its Chinese sister app, Douyin, and turn the short-form video platform into a money-making machine for a huge number of creators. Douyin generated $119 billion worth of product sales via live broadcasts in 2021, a 7x […]

How YouTube’s brewing TikTok rivalry could impact mobile video strategies

As brands pour ad dollars into short-form video, marketing strategies are emerging to optimize each platform’s strengths. Some of the differences will be geographic: India’s ban on TikTok for political reasons has opened a huge market for YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels, the short-video section of the photo-sharing app owned by Meta Platforms. In the United States, […]

Navigating the Metaverse: A Magic Wand for Ecommerce

The metaverse — what is it? Whether we’ve known it or not, we have all been part of this evolution for years through VR simulations, gaming, and online experiences. The ideation and infancy of VR technology date way before my time. But a modern example can be seen in the OASIS (Ontologically Anthropocentric Sensory Immersive […]

How To Downgrade iOS 16 Beta/15 Without Losing Data

As far as we know, Apple launched a beta version of their next iteration of iOS, the iOS 16 beta. With the new features, like a revamped Photos app, a reworked Control Center, and more, iOS 16 beta attracts so many Apple fans and those users who have not yet upgraded. Apple’s iOS 16 Beta features a […]

Winning Content Strategy for 2022: Thought Leadership

As part of our series to help businesses with digital marketing, today we are presenting Winning Content Strategy for 2022: Thought Leadership. As a top digital agency with two decades in the business, there has been one constant in marketing online; Content is King. It was true when Bill Gates said it back in the 90’s and […]

How to Audit Your 2022 Marketing Strategy

Now that we’re almost at the mid-point of 2022, it will soon be time to start building strategy and developing budgets for the coming year. It’s also a great time to review your business’s overall performance as it relates to your marketing strategy and ad spend. Taking the time to perform an analysis now can […]

Ecommerce SEO Game Changer in 2022

You may be spending time and resources to up your ecommerce search game using SEO tools and the latest digital marketing — but are you ready for Google Lens? Google Lens, and Pinterest Lens, are stepping to the front using Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), and real-world visual search options that improve a user’s […]

What is Enterprise Website Development?

Today, whether your business is B2B or B2C, 92%+ of customers reach out through the internet (and some would say 100%). It takes less than 50 milliseconds (.05 seconds) for someone to decide if they will scroll down or bounce out. Developing an Enterprise website or app in 2022 is more than just setting up a site, […]