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JackJaw Construction Accessories, a US-based company, offers a diverse range of stake, rod, and post-pullers for construction projects and other job sites. We collaborated with them to upgrade their digital strategy and presence, focusing on creating an effective digital showcase for their products, driving conversions through a new Shopify website, and executing a thorough digital marketing strategy. This also extended to improving sales and performance on their Amazon store.

Identified Challenges

Despite being a well-recognized brand with global retailers, JackJaw faced challenges expanding their direct-to-consumer eCommerce business. Their existing eCommerce site, designed by their domain provider, was poorly conceived, neglecting user experience, and failed to optimize traffic conversion into sales. They made several attempts at digital marketing tactics, but these failed to yield satisfactory results.

They lacked a digital advertising strategy, operated on minimal budgets, and had faulty data tracking on their website, leading to an inability to evaluate performance across marketing channels. Furthermore, they did not fully comprehend Meta Ads’ functionalities and were underutilizing social media due to their long-standing reliance on traditional retail partners.

Additionally, JackJaw’s premium products, which carry a corresponding price tag, were not presented effectively on their website to reflect their true quality and value.


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Strategic Approach

After understanding their business goals and their past digital marketing endeavors, we conducted an audit of their eCommerce platform, identifying gaps and opportunities. This included researching their industry comprehensively, analyzing competitors, and devising a strategy to enhance their Google Ads account and search performance.

We assisted them in setting up their Klaviyo account to automate email flows, understanding their customer demographics to better target the emails. This process helped us align our strategies with JackJaw’s brand values and business objectives.

Implementation Process

  • An in-depth audit of their existing digital marketing strategy and Shopify website.
  • Review of historical data from their social media channels.
  • Presentation of audit conclusions and suggested improvements, outlining a step-by-step strategy that would drive tangible results and significant profitable revenue growth.
  • Re-engagement of previously unsubscribed leads through personalized email campaigns, adding them to a new promotional campaign.
  • Execution of weekly social tests to identify the most effective campaign components.
  • Creation of promotions that stimulated email & SMS sign-ups.


The launch of their revamped website and implementation of digital marketing campaigns across multiple platforms led to a 163% increase in web sessions. Consequently, JackJaw experienced an 105% YoY revenue increase, with 88% new customers contributing to this growth.

  • Overall Sales Growth: 105% YoY Revenue Increase
  • eCommerce Sessions: 163% Increase
  • New Customer Acquisition: 88% Increase


Our comprehensive approach transformed JackJaw’s digital presence and e-commerce performance, leading to significant growth in revenue and customer base.

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