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JackJaw Construction Accessories is a US-built company that offers a variety of stake, rod, and post-pullers for construction projects and other job sites.

1 At Bat Media partnered with JackJaw to help them improve their overall digital strategy & presence. Over the course of the past year, we have helped them digitally showcase their products and drive more conversions through a new Shopify website and implement a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

In addition to their own e-commerce store, we helped them improve sales & performance on their Amazon store.


JackJaw was a well-known brand with retailers all over the world, but they struggled to expand their direct to consumer eCommerce business. They had their eCommerce site created years prior by the domain provider, but the agency neglected user experience and so it was poorly designed and not optimized to convert traffic into paying customers. They also attempted various digital marketing tactics for their online store, but none of them seemed to pay off.

Before we began working with them, they had no digital advertising strategy. Their budgets were small and there was broken data tracking on their website so they were “flying blind” with regards to evaluation of performance on the various marketing channels. In addition, they didn’t fully understand how Meta Ads worked and weren’t utilizing social media to its fullest potential because, for the past 10 years, they had relied on global traditional brick-and-mortar retail partners to sell their products.


Lastly, with their product being a premium tool with a premium price tag, they were having difficulty showcasing the value of their equipment on their website in a way that reflected the true quality.


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Facebook and Instagram Ads

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Search engine optimization (SEO)

Amazon Ads

Our Approach

To best assist our client, we first learned about their business goals and what digital marketing channels they had used in the past. This allowed us to explain our process in a way that made sense, while also hearing about their experience with other agencies.

After getting a sense of who they were and what their brand was all about, we did an audit of their eCommerce platform to look for initial gaps and opportunities. From there, we went into research mode and studied their industry as a whole and other competitors in the marketplace.

While we went over their Google Ads account and devised a strategy to improve their search performance, we as created a list of keywords to target. We also discussed who we would be sending emails to and what their demographic was in order to understand the customer and assisted them in setting up their Klaviyo account so we could automate their email flows.


  • A comprehensive audit of their current digital marketing strategy (including the Shopify website).
  • A review of social media channel data from previous years.
  • We provided audit findings and recommended the next steps for areas of opportunity. Helped them understand everything top-to-bottom, including how the recommended services would help drive tangible results and significant increases in profitable revenue.
  • Leads that had previously unsubscribed through personalized email campaigns have been re-engaged by adding them to a new promotional campaign.
  • We conducted weekly social tests to determine which components of our campaigns were the most effective so that we could focus on those areas.
  • Developed promotions that resulted in email & SMS registrations and signups


After re-launching their website and implementing digital marketing campaigns across multiple platforms, JackJaw saw an increase of 163% in web sessions which resulted an 85% increase in YoY revenue, coming from 88% new customers.

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