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Our Clients company is owned by athletes and technical professionals who are on the front lines of the science of health, wellness, and fitness. They create the products they use themselves, making them experts in their field. This gives their clients a competitive edge in today’s market. 

As a direct result of 1 At Bat Media’s execution efforts, Our client saw a +252% growth in online store sessions within 3 months of the engagement, Scaling up revenue across the entire site by +287% YoY. Here’s how we helped them scale to the moon!


Our client is a global leader in premium sport nutrition and performance supplements. They were an established brand within brick and mortar retailers globally, But they had no direct-to consumer sales channel set up via e-commerce. They wanted to focus more on building out the whole additional sales channel in which they had control and could interact with their customers directly. Apart from this they were struggling with building out their e-commerce strategy and digital advertising. Due to the lack of a game plan for all these initiatives mentioned, they were missing out on a complete sales channel and were missing out on reaching out to more users. Before working with us they were working with an agency where they did not see the results they were expecting and hence wanted us to take over the complete project of developing the website and digital marketing. Our team did a complete audit of their website and social channels.

A few key areas our team identified included:

  • The first version of the website (created by the other agency) was not optimized for conversions and had data collection limitations.
  • Their website and social media ads did not show their products to their full potential.
  • Their digital strategy was lacking specialized content and optimized keywords with high ranking search volume.
  • Old Social media ads were lacking targeted audience and personalized campaigns

They had no email marketing strategy in place, automated flows and retargeting, cart checkouts, leaving a lot of revenue on the table with no strategy for follow ups.


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Our Approach

We launched a sophisticated paid media funnel to ensure each lead saw multiple touch points along the customer journey. We tested and iterated every aspect of our funnel to maximize efficiency, both improving the lead journey and allowing for profitable scaling. Designed and developed their complete website. Optimize customer lifetime value by redesigning email marketing initiatives. Manage high-quality new traffic campaigns that drive conversions and transactions, as well as nurture visitors into profitable purchase conversions.


  • In-depth current digital strategy audit (website and digital marketing)
  • Review of previous years data for the social media channels
  • Provide audit findings and recommended next steps for areas of opportunity. Helped them understand everything top-to-bottom and how the recommended services would help drive tangible results & significant increases in profitable revenue
  • Re-engaged leads which did not convert originally through personalized email campaigns
  • We conducted weekly social tests for the full funnel, allowing us to narrow our campaigns to only include the most effective components
  • Created promotions to generate email & SMS registrations and signups


By implementing the fundamental strategies identified, which included enhancing the look and feel of the website, optimizing ads, and running personalized email & SMS campaigns helped us unlock massive growth potential, Our client  saw a +252% growth in online store sessions within 3 months of the engagement, Scaling up revenue across the entire site by +287% YoY, driven by all the digital initiatives we were running.
  • Facebook & Instagram Sales: +371% Increase YoY
  • Overall Sales: +287% Revenue Increase YoY
  • Email Marketing: +200% Increase YoY
  • Online store conversion rate: +46% Increase YoY
  • Online Store sessions: +252% Increase YoY

Adhering to 1 At Bat Media’s guidance throughout the partnership and carrying out specialist recommended strategies, our client achieved +287% increase in eCommerce revenue goals in 2021.

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