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Our client, owned by athletes and technical professionals at the forefront of health, wellness, and fitness science, creates products imbued with their expert knowledge. Despite being an established global brand, they lacked a direct-to-consumer sales channel via e-commerce and had struggled with building an effective digital advertising strategy.

Partnering with 1 At Bat Media, they saw a dramatic increase of 252% in online store sessions within three months and a YoY site revenue growth of 287%. Here’s a look at how we propelled their growth.

Identified Challenges

Our client is a renowned brand in premium sports nutrition and performance supplements. However, their lack of a direct-to-consumer e-commerce channel and an effective digital advertising strategy meant they missed out on expanding their reach to more users.

Prior to our engagement, they had worked with an agency which had failed to deliver the expected results. A comprehensive audit of their website and social channels revealed:

  • A poorly optimized website with data collection limitations
  • Inadequate showcasing of their products on the website and social media ads
  • Absence of specialized content and optimized keywords with high search volume in their digital strategy
  • Poorly targeted and personalized social media ads
  • Lack of an email marketing strategy, including automated flows, retargeting, and cart checkouts


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Strategic Approach

We launched a sophisticated paid media funnel with multiple touchpoints along the customer journey. Continuous testing and iteration improved the funnel’s efficiency, enhancing the lead journey and enabling profitable scaling. A complete website redesign and development accompanied these efforts.

To optimize customer lifetime value, we revamped their email marketing initiatives. We also managed high-quality new traffic campaigns driving conversions and transactions and nurtured visitors into profitable purchase conversions.

Implementation Process

  • Comprehensive audit of their current digital strategy and website
  • Review of historical data from social media channels
  • Presentation of audit conclusions and recommended enhancements for areas of opportunity
  • Re-engagement of leads that previously did not convert via personalized email campaigns
  • Weekly social tests for the full funnel to identify the most effective components
  • Creation of promotions encouraging email & SMS sign-ups


The implementation of identified fundamental strategies, which included revamping the website, optimizing ads, and running personalized email & SMS campaigns, unlocked immense growth potential. As a result, the client experienced a 252% growth in online store sessions within three months and a 287% YoY site-wide revenue growth.

  • Overall Sales Growth: 287% YoY Revenue Increase
  • Facebook & Instagram Sales: 371% Increase YoY
  • Email Marketing: 200% Increase YoY
  • Online store conversion rate: 46% Increase YoY
    Online Store sessions: 252% Increase YoY


By following 1 At Bat Media’s guidance and implementing our specialist-recommended strategies, our client accomplished a stunning 287% increase in their eCommerce revenue goals in 2021.

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