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Our client, a top-ranked premium footwear and apparel company, sought to expand their reach by developing a new direct-to-consumer sales channel. Despite a strong brick-and-mortar presence, they faced numerous challenges that hindered their online growth. As a result of 1 At Bat Media’s comprehensive strategies and relentless execution, our client witnessed a monthly growth rate of 100% within three months and a YoY site-wide revenue boost of 210%.

Identified Challenges

Despite their success in physical retail outlets, the client wished to grow further by building a direct-to-consumer sales channel. A comprehensive audit of their website and social profiles revealed several obstacles:

  • An initial website lacking an analytics setup, inhibiting insight into visitor sources and acquisition methods
  • Inadequate showcasing of their products on the website and social media ads
  • Ineffective digital strategy lacking targeted content and high-volume search keywords
  • Absence of personalized campaigns and targeted audience in traditional social media ads
  • Lack of an email marketing strategy, including automated flows, retargeting, and cart checkouts


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Strategic Approach

We launched a sophisticated paid media funnel with multiple touchpoints along the customer journey, continuously tested and iterated to improve efficiency and profitable scaling. A complete website redesign accompanied these efforts, as well as a redesign of their email marketing initiatives to optimize customer lifetime value. Additionally, we managed high-quality traffic campaigns that drove conversions and nurtured visitors into profitable purchase conversions.

Implementation Process

  • Comprehensive audit of their current digital strategy and website
  • Review of historical data from social media channels
    Presentation of audit findings and recommended steps for areas of opportunity
  • Re-engagement of non-converting leads through personalized email campaigns
  • Weekly social tests across the full funnel to identify the most effective components
  • Creation of promotions encouraging email & SMS sign-ups


The implementation of fundamental strategies, including upgrading the website, optimizing ads, and executing targeted email & SMS campaigns led to a remarkable 100% month-by-month growth within three months and a 210% YoY site-wide revenue increase. Adherence to 1 At Bat Media’s guidance and the execution of recommended strategies also resulted in a whopping x38.96 growth in their Black Friday sales.

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