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DAWK FIT is a premium apparel brand that primarily designs and manufactures sportswear and athleisure clothing such as leggings, joggers and hoodies. In 2021, DAWK FIT partnered with 1 At Bat Media to help scale their eCommerce revenue. 1 At Bat Media’s execution resulted in a +261% growth in targeted online store sessions within 4 months of the engagement. This led to a 303% increase in revenue across the entire site YoY. DAWK FIT was able to take its business to new heights and expand into new demographics with the help of 1 At Bat Media.


DAWK FIT, a startup in the B2C space, was looking for ways to scale its business. They had limited resources and were trying to find the best way to reach more customers. They turned to 1 At Bat Media for help with their digital growth. We did a complete audit of DAWK FIT’s website and social media channels and we found that their digital marketing strategy wasn’t effectively reaching as many potential customers as they wanted to as there were many gaps in their overall digital marketing strategy.

We helped them implement a completely new full-funnel social ads strategy that more effectively reached their target audience. As a result, they saw significant growth in traffic and conversions and were able to reach more new customers.

Our strategy for DAWK FIT’s full-funnel marketing approach included Shopify eCommerce services, social media marketing, Klaviyo email marketing, Google Ads, and influencer marketing.

A few key areas our team identified included:

  • Their social media ads from the previous months were unsuccessful and not profitable because they didn’t have a proper ad funnel structure. They were overspending in areas that were not producing results and in turn wasting ad spend that could be focused on profitable campaigns.
  • They were leaving a lot of revenue on the table because they lacked proper strategies for email marketing, automated flows, retargeting, and capturing abandoned cart checkouts.



Athletic Apparel


  • Shopify Development
  • Klaviyo Email Marketing
  • Facebook & Instagram Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Influencer Marketing

Our Approach

We launched a top-to-bottom paid media funnel to ensure each potential customer was served relevant ads in different placements along the customer journey. We tested and iterated every aspect of our funnel to maximize efficiency, improving the CPMs, CPCs and in turn the CPAs which allowed for profitable scaling.

On the website front, we redesigned and developed a completely new Shopify eCommerce website. For existing customers, we optimized customer lifetime value by implementing email marketing flows and automation.


  • We thoroughly examined the current digital strategy (website and digital marketing).
  • Examine the existing data for each of the platforms.
  • Provide audit findings and suggested next steps for areas of opportunity. Went over the suggestions from top to bottom, demonstrating how the recommended services would assist to produce immediate results and significant revenue growth.
  • Sending personalized email campaigns to leads that did not convert the first time, and re-engaging existing high value customers.
  • We conducted weekly campaign tests throughout the entire funnel to help us focus our efforts on the most effective components.
  • To build their email and SMS list we created special offers and customized pop-ups to entice users to sign up.


By implementing the fundamental strategies identified, which included enhancing the look and feel of the website, optimizing ads, and running personalized email & SMS campaigns, we helped DAWK FIT unlock massive growth. Our client saw a +303% growth in overall yearly sales, driven by all the digital initiatives we were running.

  • Facebook & Instagram Sales: +271% Increase YoY
  • Youtube sales: +1254% Increase YoY
  • Email Marketing: +213% Increase YoY
  • Online Store sessions: +261% Increase YoY

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