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DAWK FIT is an upscale athletic wear brand, specializing in the design and production of high-quality sportswear and athleisure clothing including leggings, joggers, and hoodies. In 2021, they engaged in a strategic partnership with 1 At Bat Media, aiming to amplify their eCommerce profits. 1 At Bat Media’s astute execution led to a substantial 261% growth in targeted online store visits within a mere 4 months, culminating in a 303% surge in YoY revenue. DAWK FIT successfully broadened its horizons, reaching new demographics and elevating their business to unprecedented levels with the insightful assistance of 1 At Bat Media.

Challenges Faced

As a fledgling brand operating in the B2C landscape, DAWK FIT was grappling with growth scalability issues. Hindered by limited resources, they sought to increase their consumer base. Consequently, they enlisted the expertise of 1 At Bat Media to navigate their digital growth trajectory. Our comprehensive audit of DAWK FIT’s website and social media presence exposed a suboptimal digital marketing strategy characterized by significant gaps that restricted their reach to potential customers.


Solution Provided

We undertook a full-scale overhaul of their digital marketing strategy, implementing a more potent full-funnel social ads strategy that connected with their target audience more effectively. The revamped strategy led to an upswing in web traffic and conversion rates, enabling DAWK FIT to captivate a broader audience.

Our holistic marketing approach encompassed a host of services including Shopify eCommerce, social media marketing, Klaviyo email marketing, Google Ads, and influencer marketing. We identified several key areas for improvement:

  • Their pre-existing social media advertisements were underperforming and unprofitable due to an inadequate ad funnel structure. Overspending on non-performing areas was squandering resources that could be allocated to fruitful campaigns.
  • There was a considerable untapped revenue potential due to an absence of comprehensive strategies for email marketing, automated flows, retargeting, and capturing abandoned cart checkouts.


Athletic Apparel


  • Shopify Development
  • Klaviyo Email Marketing
  • Facebook & Instagram Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Influencer Marketing

Our Strategy

We established a comprehensive paid media funnel, ensuring that potential customers encountered pertinent advertisements at various points in their journey. By continually testing and refining our funnel, we achieved superior CPMs, CPCs, and consequently CPAs, facilitating profitable scaling.

In tandem with these measures, we rejuvenated their website, creating a cutting-edge Shopify eCommerce platform. For existing patrons, we implemented automated email marketing flows, optimizing the customer lifetime value.


Implementation Process

  • We meticulously analyzed the existing digital strategy, including the website and digital marketing initiatives.
  • We evaluated the existing data across all platforms.
  • We delivered a detailed audit report, highlighting areas of improvement, and suggesting a step-by-step strategy for immediate results and substantial revenue growth.
  • We deployed personalized email campaigns aimed at re-engaging unconverted leads and high-value customers.
  • We conducted weekly campaign tests across the entire funnel, focusing our efforts on the most effective elements.
  • We constructed exclusive offers and customized pop-ups to boost their email and SMS subscriber base.


Our strategic interventions, including website redesign, ad optimization, and personalized email & SMS campaigns, catalyzed DAWK FIT’s exponential growth. They witnessed a remarkable 303% growth in annual sales, propelled by our digital initiatives.

  • Facebook & Instagram Sales: Saw a 271% YoY growth.
  • YouTube Sales: Experienced an impressive 1254% YoY rise.
  • Email Marketing: Reported a 213% YoY increase.
  • Online Store sessions: Noted a 261% YoY boost

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