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Brian Dawkins, hailed as one of the greatest safeties in NFL history, enjoyed an illustrious 16-season career in the NFL, predominantly with the Philadelphia Eagles. As a collaborator on his social media marketing strategy and Q4 holiday shopping campaigns, we contributed to the enhancement of sales through his Shopify e-commerce site dedicated to his autographed memorabilia.


As Brian prepared to launch a range of new autographed memorabilia items through his Shopify site ahead of the Q4 holiday sales rush, we pinpointed several areas within his social media marketing strategy that could benefit from optimization.

His site was considerably underperforming in capturing valuable conversions, both from new and returning visitors, attributable to the lack of a structured data collection system and an effective ads funnel strategy.


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Strategic Approach

Our strategy involved the deployment of an advanced paid media funnel, ensuring customer engagement at various touchpoints throughout the customer journey. Through constant testing and refining of our funnel, we not only enhanced the customer journey but also created an avenue for profitable scaling.

Implementation Process

  • A comprehensive audit of the existing digital strategy, inclusive of website and digital marketing.
  • Rectification of data collection and tracking issues involving the Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics.
  • Detailed analysis of the historical data from social media channels.
    Presentation of audit findings, highlighting areas of opportunity and recommending subsequent steps.
  • Strategic deployment of retargeting ads to re-engage users who did not convert initially.


Our adept execution of the Q4 holiday shopping campaigns triggered a substantial surge in sales, with an overall increase of 58% within a compact timeframe.

  • YoY Q4 sales experienced a considerable uplift of 58%.
  • Online store sessions saw an 80% rise.
  • Social media reach across Brian’s Facebook & Instagram pages expanded by 113%.
  • The Q4 sales rush brought an influx of 82% new customers, a testament to our effective targeting strategy.
  • The customer retention rate also noted an increase of 30%, highlighting the success of our tailored retargeting campaigns.


By comprehensively assessing and revamping the existing strategy, we managed to transform Brian’s memorabilia site into a powerful sales engine. This not only contributed to an exceptional Q4 performance but also set a strong foundation for future sales campaigns.

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