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Boost Performance With Amazon Advertising

We’re not surprised that the world’s largest product-based search engine plays such a big role in how well your eCommerce brand does. In fact, our team has successfully launched, ranked, and scaled multiple brands on Amazon. We can handle everything for you: from designing your account structure and listings to optimizing them, launching new products, managing all of your Amazon ads…you name it!

We believe that Amazon Advertising is a wonderful way for companies to reach new customers, build their brands, and expand into new industries. Our goal is not only to help sellers earn money in the short term (ad spend = more sales) but also to assist businesses in achieving long-term objectives. We assist firms in focusing on boosting organic sales, consumer LTV, purchase value, and repeat purchases as Amazon ad experts.

Scale Your Revenue with Amazon Ads

High Performance Amazon Ads

Every click, keyword, and conversion rate percentage plays a role in Amazon marketing, we provide our clients with the most successful techniques and strategies for hyper-optimizing their listing’s SEO. This also includes developing on-brand conversion-centric creative and building out the initial PPC campaign suite. Taking these measures, not only grows revenue immediately – but also keeps your product prioritized by Amazon’s search algorithm.
We help you grow your Amazon business rapidly through our competitor and keyword research within the first month of working together.

Roadmap & Campaign Setup

As an Amazon PPC consultant, 1 At Bat Media employs a plan that is tailored to each client’s goals. Our innovative campaign structure makes it simple to define objectives and establish limits for each ad. Furthermore, the many varieties of campaign types allow us to more accurately manage every aspect of advertising by using precise data. To better meet their unique demands, we customize each client’s marketing strategy in sequence. In this manner, we are able to sequentially deliver the right content to the right audience through the right channels at the best possible moment in order for a brand’s objectives to be met.

Data-Driven To Maximize ROI

We’ve always believed in encouraging our client brands to blaze their own paths rather than following the crowd. Our team can use data we have access to to develop a plan that will increase products, marketing, inventory, and other elements for each customer. We assist businesses in increasing conversion rates through A/B testing of different advertising content, landing pages, ad campaigns, and marketing channels. Monitoring consumer engagement is important for us using A/B testing of various content, landing pages, ad campaigns, and marketing channels.

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Frequently Asked Questions

With 310 million active customer accounts worldwide, Amazon is one of the greatest digital successes in recent history. Out of those 310 million customers, 90 million are Amazon Prime members who spend an average of $1,300 per year on the platform. The remaining 220 non-Prime member still manage to spend an avg $700 a year with Amazon.

Pay-per-click (PPC) on Amazon, like Google Ads, is based on an auction system. You’ll paid slightly more than the next highest bidder.

The CPC for each category is different and depends on the amount of competition in that field. The average CPCs for managed categories are as follows: It’s often optimal to be the highest bidder in order to secure top page 1 position, which then directly leads to increased sales volume. Therefore, it becomes a balancing act between maximizing sales while also maintaining a good ROI.

Amazon is the most popular destination for online shoppers, with one-fifth of all internet users reporting that they directly begin their purchasing journey on Amazon. To gain exposure and conversions, your company’s products must be found higher in search results.

Amazon is one of the world’s largest and most popular retailers, and it is also now a leading advertising platform. In just a few short years, Amazon has become a serious competitor to Google and Facebook in the digital ads market. Experts predict that Amazon will generate $40 billion in ad revenue by 2023. As we can see, some brands are already shifting up to 60% of their budgets to Amazon.

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