The Manifest Highlights 1 At Bat Media As One Of The Most-Reviewed Email Marketing Firms in Toronto

1 At Bat Media is a full-service digital growth agency that demonstrates a unique understanding of the evolving digital landscape. We produce top-tier results for small and mid-market businesses. We help clients build, scale, and market through modern best practices and cutting-edge technology. As such, we drive increased revenue through the smart execution of digital strategies and solutions.

Today, we’re proud to announce that we’re listed on The Manifest as a top service provider. In their latest research, they found out that we’re one of the most reviewed email marketing firms in Toronto.

We have been committed to providing world-class solutions for organizations for years. What started as a one-man company evolved into a reliable team of digital experts with a global presence. To win this award is the cherry on top of all our achievements, which we thank our clients for.

A venture-backed SaaS company engaged with us for digital marketing and Google ads strategy. This came at a time when the client needed to rapidly expand its customer base through digital channels. We brainstormed with them to identify the best plan of attack and analyze the competitive landscape they’re in. Afterward, we launched the ad campaign and content creation campaign. This led to an increase in their MQL through the various digital channels by 25% in the first quarter.

“We were very impressed by their overall expertise in the digital marketing space. Their understanding of how all the channels interact with each other was extremely valuable. It made it much easier for us to have all of these services managed under one roof. In addition, their ongoing suggestions and initiative on additional opportunities were appreciated.”

— Director of Sales, Venture-Backed SaaS Company

If you’re interested in this and our other projects, be sure to visit The Manifest’s top company list and read through our company description.

If you’re interested in our solutions, please contact us and let us know what you need help with.

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