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Looking to get into Instagram Reels?

With the recent announcement that Instagram will now merge all video uploads (up to 15 minutes) into the Reels feed, no doubt many brands are considering their options, and how they can maximize their Reels approach in the upcoming holiday season.

If that sounds like you, then this may help. Instagram has published a new, 12-page explainer guide on ‘How to Create a Reel’, which covers all the basics, and provides some handy pointers to help get you started with your own Reels approach.

Instagram Reels guide

As you can see in this example, each segment has an overview of how to get started, along with tips and pointers to refine your approach.

There are also visual explainers for each element:

Instagram Reels guide

Along with simple notes on how to create and post your Reels clips.

There’s also a handy chart, with specific Reels advice for different verticals.

Instagram Reels guide

It’s a good explainer, which doesn’t include a heap of in-depth insight and guidance, but does provide all the notes you’ll need to get started with Reels, and get the ball moving.

In addition to this, Meta has also shared some additional Reels tips via participants in its ‘We The Culture’ Black creators initiative.

Instagram Reels tips

In combination, there’s a range of Reels notes and guidance here, which could help to get you set on your creation path.

And again, with Reels increasingly being the focus of Instagram and Facebook, and the fastest growing content format in both, it’s likely worth familiarizing yourself with the basics, and considering what it means for your brand.

Source: Andrew Hutchinson

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