Meta Releases a New Landing Page Best Practices Guide

Getting users to click on your promotion is one thing, but how you get them to take the next action is the real key to conversion, and in this respect, your landing pages play a critical role, and you need to get them right in order to maximize your opportunities.

So how do you ensure that you’re getting the most out of your landing page efforts, and aligning with prospective customer expectations when they do take that first step?

That’s what the latest guide from Meta is all about, with Meta’s Consumer Growth Consulting team partnering with Branding Brand to analyze 500 landing page experiences to glean key insight into what works, what doesn’t, and what makes people more inclined to continue along the purchase funnel.

Though Meta calls them ‘destination pages’:

“As Meta and user experience experts at Branding Brand conducted research and began classifying the different types, we determined that it was much more accurate to broadly refer to these as “destination pages,” since landing pages are just one type.”

So any reference in the report to ‘destination page’ means ‘landing page’ in more common context.

The 33-page guide includes a range of valuable insights and notes, including key pain points and how to fix them:

Meta landing page guide

Meta notes that the three key elements that landing pages need to deliver on are ’Speed’, ‘Answers to common questions’ and ‘Mobile-friendly interfaces’, with a range of insights and tips on how to address each within your approach.

The guide then explores ‘The Three C’s’ of landing page effectiveness.

Meta landing page guide

Each element includes an in-depth breakdown, along with examples and notes on how you can update your approach in line with user requirements.

Meta landing page guide

There’s also a handy checklist element at the end of the guide, which provides pointers on how to improve each element in line with Meta’s findings.

Meta landing page guide

This is a really valuable overview, with a range of important notes and elements to keep in mind, with actionable notes like this to help improve your efforts.

Meta landing page guide

Some of the tips may seem obvious, but others you may not have considered, and it’s worth taking the time to read through the recommendations to ensure that you’re maximizing your opportunities with your landing – or ‘destination’ page – results.

Worth a look for all digital marketing pros.

Source: Andrew Hutchinson

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