Everything You Need To Know About Super Bowl 56: Marketing Edition

This year’s Super Bowl will be shown on NBC, and it will take place in the middle of the Winter Olympics, which will also be broadcast on the network. On the evening of Feb. 13, NBC will pause its Olympic programming to show the NFL championship game, which is annually the most-watched television broadcast in the United States.

The scheduling overlap between two of NBC’s most-watched programs was actually courted by the network. In 2019, the network swapped Super Bowls with CBS, which will broadcast the game in 2021. It was viewed as a win-win situation for both networks: CBS got a Super Bowl that didn’t clash with the Olympics, while NBC got to market both events to advertisers.

The Rams made good on their trade for Matthew Stafford by defeating the 49ers in the NFC championship game, and are back in the Super Bowl for the second time in four years.

The Rams’ Super Bowl appearance was not unexpected, but what transpired in the AFC was. The Cincinnati Bengals are headed to the Super Bowl for the first time in over three decades, owing in large part to Joe Burrow.

Whether he’s known as “Joey Franchise,” “Joe Shiesty,” “Joe Brrr,” or just “Joey B,” Cincinnati fans can agree on one thing: he’s an AFC champion. Burrow and the Bengals pulled off an incredible comeback against the Chiefs to earn a berth in Super Bowl 56.

Why are Roman numerals used in the Super Bowl?

Because the Super Bowl is played a calendar year after the regular season, the NFL utilizes numbers to avoid misunderstanding, and Kansas City Chiefs founder Lamar Hunt is credited with proposing Roman numerals to give some extra grandeur to the game. It’s Super Bowl LVI, also known as Super Bowl 56.

SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles is hosting the big game. The stadium, which will host the Rams and Chargers, is set to open in September 2020. The 2018 Super Bowl will be the first to be held in the city.

What happened to get the Bengals and Rams to the Super Bowl?

The Bengals finished the regular season with a 10-7 record, won the AFC North for the first time since 2015, and were seeded fourth in the AFC playoffs. They won their first postseason game in 31 years by defeating the Las Vegas Raiders, 26-19, in the first round, then went on to beat the Tennessee Titans, 19-16, and Kansas City Chiefs, 27-24, to reach the Super Bowl.

After a 12-5 regular season and NFC West title, the Rams were also the No. 4 seed in the NFC playoffs. To get to the Super Bowl, the Rams beat the Arizona Cardinals 34-11, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 30-27, and the San Francisco 49ers 20-17.

The Cincinnati Bengals will face the Los Angeles Rams in this year’s Super Bowl, which will be held in the latter’s home stadium in Inglewood, California.

The matchup was set after the conference championships on Sunday. In the AFC Championship, the Bengals defeated the Kansas City Chiefs 27-24 in overtime. The Rams came back to beat the 49ers 20-17 in the NFC Championship game.

The Bengals and Rams haven’t met since the Bengals’ loss in 2019.

One of the few meetings between No. 1 overall picks will take place in Super Bowl 56. Stafford was the Lions’ first-round pick in 2008 and will play in his first Super Bowl in 2022. Burrow had a significantly shorter wait after being taken first overall in the 2020 NFL Draft.

Who will be playing in the Super Bowl in 2022?

Los Angeles Rams vs. Cincinnati Bengals. The Bengals and Rams are meeting in the Super Bowl for the first time. The Rams are making their seventh Super Bowl trip since the merger, while the Bengals are making their first participation since the 1980s and teams led by Boomer Esiason.

What does the winner of the Super Bowl get?

The victorious team receives the Vince Lombardi Trophy, a 22-inch-tall, seven-pound sterling silver football on a stand. According to the collective bargaining agreement, each player on this year’s winning squad will receive $157,000, while those on the losing side will receive $82,000 (both increases of $7,000 from the previous season’s awards).

Who will perform at the halftime show?

For the first time, the Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime Show will feature Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Mary J. Blige, and Kendrick Lamar on the same stage.

When and where will Super Bowl 56 take place?

  • Sunday, February 13th
  • Time of kickoff: 6:30 p.m. ET
  • NBC is the television network.
  • SoFi Stadium – located in Los Angeles, California.

YouTube Announces a Showcase of 2022 Super Bowl Ads, Featuring All of the Major Super Bowl Campaigns

Super Bowl LVI is approaching, which can only mean one thing for marketing nerds. It’s time to look at the most recent big-budget campaigns from large brands to get a sense of the key trends in focus and see if you can incorporate them into smaller social media activities for your promotions and plans.

With the light at the end of the COVID tunnel becoming visible and more brands evaluating how to maximize their return to regular business, this year could see some huge pushes as well. We aren’t out of the Omicron phase yet, but estimates show that with increased vaccination uptake and stable infection rates, we should be on our way out soon.

After two years of uncertainty, no one is confident enough to make any precise estimates, therefore I say I should. However, the prognosis is beginning to improve, and this optimism appears to be fueling the latest Super Bowl commercial campaign.

Looking to get a leg up on the competition and understand the nuances of the major campaigns?

YouTube’s AdBlitz showcase, which will feature all of the Super Bowl tie-in ads for the year, is returning, which is great news for you.

As explained by YouTube:

“Now in its 16th year, AdBlitz is the premier hub for Super Bowl ads with playlists for the most comedic, dramatic, action-packed, and inspirational spots. According to a Kantar survey, when excluding those that don’t care about sports or don’t plan to watch the Big Game, 72% rewatch at least some football commercials before or after the game.”

This, of course, is part of the reason why Super Bowl ad slots are so expensive, with brands this year paying up to $6.5 million for a 30-second promo during the game.

You can bet that they’ll be looking to make the most of it, which means bringing in the top minds in the industry to use their ad knowledge and trend nous to come up with the most innovative, creative brand promotions to grab as much attention as they can and win the day for their business.

It’s like a free lesson in the best marketing creativity, and while not every campaign will be a home run, it is worth noting the techniques and ideas on show, with a potential view, as noted, to your own ad experiments.

YouTube’s AdBlitz is already active, with teaser clips of the Super Bowl campaigns from Pepsi and Lay’s among those already up on the site.

The entertainment value alone should entice you to check it out, but there will be more campaigns added to the collection up until the game’s release on Monday, February 14th.

It’s absolutely worth a look, and the snippets are worth noting. You could concentrate on setting out your real-time Twitter game to newsjack the Super Bowl conversation (like Oreo did in 2013), or you could take Reddit’s approach from last year and create an ad that captures attention by confounding expectations.

In any case, there are always creative lessons to be learned from the Super Bowl ad contests, and YouTube’s AdBlitz is a great place to keep track of them all.

Best Commercials Released So Far for SuperBowl 56

The entertainment value alone should entice you to check it out, but there will be more campaigns added to the collection up until the game’s release on Monday, February 14th.

It’s absolutely worth a look, and the snippets are worth noting. You could concentrate on setting out your real-time Twitter game to newsjack the Super Bowl conversation (like Oreo did in 2013), or you could take Reddit’s approach from last year and create an ad that captures attention by confounding expectations.

In any case, there are always creative lessons to be learned from the Super Bowl ad contests, and YouTube’s AdBlitz is a great place to keep track of them all.

Brands including Bic Lighters, Pepsi, and Chewy have already revealed their game-day advertising ahead of the 2022 Super Bowl, which we have listed below.

These are the best Super Bowl advertisements so far, from a Frito-Lay commercial starring Megan Thee Stallion to a Booking.com commercial starring Idris Elba.

Doritos and Megan Thee Stallion

In the trailer for the game-day ad, the rapper, who can be seen eating from a bag of Doritos, attempts to gain access to her trailer only to find the door locked. As Megan Thee Stallion looks on, the arm of a sloth then reaches out from inside the trailer to remove the star’s name from the door, prompting her to reply: “Uh, excuse me?”

BIC Lighters featuring Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg

Longtime friends Stewart and Snoop Dogg teamed up for the lighter company’s commercial, which sees the rapper and the celebrity chef joking about the various uses for the lighters, such as “smoking a turkey”.

“You know this Bic easy-reach lighter would be good for lighting…” Snoop Dogg states at one point, prompting Stewart to finish: “Candles? It sure is.”

After Snoop then suggests the pair try the lighter on their “favorite activity,” Stewart responds: “You mean…” before the commercial cuts to the friends roasting marshmallows over a bonfire.

The reality of having a cat as a pet for Chewy

In a commercial for Chewy, a cat purrs contentedly on her owner as she watches him order a number of treats through the Chewy app.

Once the order has been submitted, the cat thinks aloud: “Okay, now you can pet me.” After a brief stroke, however, she jumps down from her owner’s lap, thinking: “Okay that’s enough. You’re literally so annoying. Just kidding, love you.”

Uber Eats, Gwyneth Paltrow, and her infamous candles


In a teaser clip uploaded by Uber Eats, the Goop founder takes a bite out of one of her infamous This Tastes Like My Vagina-scented candles.

“This candle tastes funny,” she says as she takes a nibble from the candle, which appears to have been delivered in her UberEats order, before adding: “Not bad, but funny.”

Lay’s and Seth Rogan

In what may be one of the creepier Super Bowl ads of the year, a “big fan” of actor Seth Rogan can be seen singing: “Oh Seth Rogan, where are you?” as he looks on at a shrine dedicated to the star and bags of Lay’s chips.

The teaser ad concludes with a black screen that asks viewers: “Big fan of Seth? Tune in on 13 February 2022.”

Quaker offers its take on the infamous beer commercials

In Quaker’s Super Bowl ad, the oatmeal brand takes a page out of the various beer commercials we see each year, with the ad noting that “in America, we celebrate the big game with big grains”.

“But there’s one grain to crack open Sunday morning,” the commercial continues as a trickle of condensation drips down the side of an oatmeal container. “Oats.”

The commercial, which then sees two jars of oatmeal slammed together in a cheer, concludes with the tagline: “Pre-grain before the big game.”

Uber Eats and Jennifer Coolidge

In another UberEats clip released ahead of the big game, Coolidge expresses her surprise at finding a lipstick in her Uber Eats delivery – before assuming it must be food and licking the purple formula.

After a few licks, The White Lotus star proceeds to take a bite of the lipstick, before declaring the makeup “tastes like purple”.

Coolidge’s confusion continues as she finds a makeup brush in her delivery, which she also proceeds to eat.

PepsiCo, Frito-Lay, and the Mannings

In a commercial created by PepsiCo and it’s subsidiary Frito-Lay, brothers Peyton and Eli Manning are gearing up to watch the game with cans of Pep

si and bags of Lay’s when they are interrupted by the offer to road trip to the Super Bowl alongside Jerome Bettis, Terry Bradshaw, and Victor Cruz.

TurboTax and the realities of cryptocurrency

TurboTax has dedicated one of its game-day commercials to cryptocurrency, with the ad featuring the ups and downs of crypto-trading when a man declares himself a millionaire only to find out shortly after he is no longer a millionaire.

“Crypto is complicated. But as a tax expert with crypto experience, you can hand your taxes off to me,” a TurboTax employee guarantees.

Super Bowl Ads Are Looking to Have Fun Again

In its biggest game of the year, the National Football League is riding ratings rise, some of the most entertaining games in recent memory, and a new generation of stars. Advertisers are paying attention.

Advertisers will do everything possible to assist consumers in putting the past behind them, particularly the pandemic. Following a gloomy 2021 game, businesses have moved to comedians to create more enjoyable spots for beer, snacks, and vehicles, while burgeoning sectors like cryptocurrencies and sports betting compete for ad space in the Super Bowl. They all share the same message, which is that it’s okay to start enjoying life again.

The Super Bowl has become a cultural phenomenon. Consumers all throughout the United States and the world are using social media and other digital platforms to connect with one of the year’s most important sporting events. According to eMarketer, more than 750 million people will use social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Reddit in 2018. By putting these insights into action, brands may become closer to their customers, allowing them to create better customer experiences and new inventive goods.

“During important cultural occasions like the Super Bowl, consumers’ interest and engagement increase, from the road games to the big day, and the buzz around arranging the menu and preferred drink and food.”

The campaign will be propelled forward by demonstrating the importance and possibility for brands through consumer information. Talkwalker will cover the main themes influencing the conversation as marketers attempt to harness social media to boost themselves during one of the most-watched occasions in sports. Daily ‘Big Game’ insight cards from Talkwalker will be released to enhance the fan experience leading up to the Super Bowl. Today is the last day to get your hands on the pre-game cards.



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