How to Increase Your Reach with Newsletter Advertising

Newsletter advertising is becoming a common practice in the industry as marketers look for innovative ways to reach new prospects. This up-and-coming medium is a good choice for advertisers of all sizes and budgets, thanks to its effective targeting and high engagement rates.
While newsletter advertising has gained popularity among growing startups like AppSumo, it’s also a go-to for top brands like Lyft and Warby Parker. However, despite its high performance and adoption by leading marketers, its potential is largely untapped.


Like sponsorships, programmatic email ads are placed within the body of newsletters to directly reach engaged readers. They are, however, more similar to social media ads in terms of automation, scalability, and precise targeting. Programmatic ads allow advertisers to place placements across multiple newsletters with a single campaign, unlike sponsorships, which are coordinated on an individual basis. Hired is a programmatic advertisement in the eWebDesign newsletter.

Join a marketplace to start your newsletter advertising campaign

Joining a marketplace is the quickest and easiest way to start advertising in newsletters. Instead of reaching out to publishers individually, you’ll be able to request, design, and schedule multiple sponsorships in one place.

Reach new audiences

Finding where to find potential leads is the first step in converting new customers. Unfortunately, the rise of VPNs and private firms have made it increasingly difficult to connect with online audiences.
According to data by Hootsuite, roughly 42.7% of internet users use an ad blocker. With newsletter advertising, that’s not a problem. By delivering your message in the body of a trusted newsletter, you can market to audiences who can’t be reached through social media or display ads.

Leverage heightened engagement

Reader engagement is one of the most important aspects of newsletters. It’s not easy to persuade someone to give you their email. Therefore, opting in to receive a newsletter is a much stronger signal of interest than liking a page or following an account.
Not only is newsletter advertising a fresh and creative way to reach new audiences, but it also has its share of practical benefits. The advantages of newsletter advertising make it a worthwhile investment for brands in both the short and long term.

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