There are various factors that affect your website’s ranking that is beyond your control, including the reliability of Google’s algorithm and the search queries that users enter into the search bar when trying to find what they’re looking for online.

Even so, there are several tips and tricks you can employ in order to optimize your content in the eyes of Google, check out these four pillars of an effective SEO strategy in 2022.

Technical SEO

It’s essential that Google can crawl and index your website. If it has issues doing so, you may lose rankings, especially if you want to get high rankings on competitive keywords.

Technical SEO involves making sure your site is accessible and well-coded so that search engines can see it clearly. This could mean checking to make sure pages load quickly and perform optimally, or that there are no errors preventing crawlers from accessing content.

It also includes ensuring all URLs are readable by bots. Lastly, it means creating canonical URLs to prevent duplicate content from being indexed separately by search engines.

On-site SEO

The first part of any successful on-site SEO strategy is to establish the keywords are your target market uses. Research, research, research!

Not sure what people are searching for? Use a keyword research tool to find out!

Once you have an idea of what they’re typing into search engines to find products like yours (and competitors), you can work on optimizing your pages for those keywords.

This might involve simple things like tweaking titles and meta descriptions or writing additional content with related terms, but it’s really important that your primary focus here is around enhancing the user experience – not boosting rankings.

Google has said time and again that it puts user needs before ranking considerations, so doing all you can to make sure that users will enjoy their experience if they end up visiting one of your pages should be job one here.


You need to create content that educates users and makes you stand out from the crowd.

But what does good content look like? What’s popular? What do experts recommend? How do you write it, and how do you make sure people read it?

In a nutshell, great content is clear, easy to understand, well-organized, and interesting to read.

It gives your readers information they want to know; it gets them excited about your business; and, ultimately, it persuades them to engage with your brand (whether that’s by visiting your website or making a purchase).

Off-site SEO

You need to earn external backlinks to help build your domain authority.

According to Marketing Land, The number one signal Google uses is links coming into pages on your website. These links will help you increase search visibility and drive traffic to your site.

The more links you have from relevant and authoritative sources, the more powerful your domain becomes. External references are crucial for all websites, especially when it comes to Google rankings.