Facebook Launches New ‘Creative Guidance Navigator’ To Provide Marketing Stats and Tips

Looking for ways to improve your Facebook ad creativity?

Facebook has launched what it’s calling ‘Creative Guidance Navigator‘, which is a mini-site of various ad tips and notes that can help improve your ad creation approach.

Facebook Creative Guidance Navigator

The mini-site is fairly straightforward – as you can see in this example, the main listing displays a range of Facebook ad tips, one-by-one, with a ‘Load more’ prompt at the bottom to generate more examples of relevance.

You can also filter the display by ad format, industry, region, and more to get more specific creative notes of relevance to your brand niche.

Facebook Creative Guidance Navigator

For each of the listed examples, you can also forward them via various options, check where that specific note was sourced from, and access relevant case studies which underpin each stat.

You can also download each visual for sharing and re-use, which expands the specific point into a larger graphic.

Facebook Creative Guidance Navigator

There’s not a lot to it, functionally, but it may help you to refine your Facebook ad process, with a heap of helpful notes and pointers that can further guide your strategy, and get you thinking about new ways to optimize your Facebook ad campaigns.

And with the impacts of Apple’s ATT update now permeating through the Facebook ads ecosystem, testing out new optimizations and processes will become increasingly important, especially for smaller advertisers who are likely to be more adversely impacted by the reduction in audience data available.

As such, this could be a valuable resource – and if you’re running Facebook ads, or considering starting a campaign, it may well be worth taking a few minutes to scan through the tips.

SOURCE: Andrew Hutchinson

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