Advertising in Pharma Trends: Specialists Engage More With Digital Advertising Than Generalists


Advertising in Pharma trends has evolved significantly since the infantile days of Native and Programmatic technologies. Today, pharma companies are among the highest bidders of digital advertising inventories. In the pharma industry itself, specialists seem to engage more with Pharmaceutical brand messaging than General Physicians or Consulting Physician. This has been reported as per the latest “100-day Report” of Doceree, the first global network of Physician-only platforms for programmatic marketing.

According to the report on Advertising in Pharma:

  • Specialists and super-specialists engage better with any Pharmaceutical brand message by clicking on it or by completing the desired action.
  • Of the total volume of ads served through Doceree to Physicians, nearly 70% of the clicks were recorded from specialists/super-specialists.

Doceree analyzed over 20 million impressions served through its platform in the last 100 days from July 2020 – Oct 2020 (Q3 2020) and observed real-time developments in the Physician digital marketing space that could reflect broader trends. Of all the ads served to Physicians, 68% of the clicks were recorded from specialists/super-specialists, while 32% came from generalists.

“Though generalists outscore specialists in terms of pure logins and impressions being served, specialists and super-specialists fare much better in engaging with the Pharma brand message by clicking on it or by completing that desired action, for instance fixing a remote detailing call, ordering a sample, or registering for a webinar, specialists and super-specialists fare much better,” said Dr. Harshit Jain, Founder & CEO, Doceree.

The report dug deep into the vast amount of data captured by the Doceree platform to provide marketers with key trends and important insights into the Physician’s digital marketing. The data has been gathered from the digital marketing campaigns that pharmaceutical and healthcare brands run through the platform.

Nearly 1/3rd of all the clicks among specialists were recorded for Pediatricians, while Pulmonologists, Cardiologists and Endocrinologists/Diabetologists made up for another 1/3rd. Among super-specialists, nearly 30% of the clicks came from Nephrologists and Gastroenterologists.

The report also highlighted the need for benchmarking of Click-Through Rates(CTRs) as different digital platforms offer different CTRs as they look at Physician engagement through their own filters.

Today, depending upon the platform, the CTRs proposed may range between 0.01% to 20%. This has led to the creation of false benchmarks. Through analysis of a large amount of data around clicks and CTRs, Doceree is trying to create a guideline for advertisers to avoid expectation mismatch, and help advertisers know what kind of CTRs they can expect,” Dr. Harshit added.

Doceree provides the ability to precision target Physicians with its unique identity-resolution proprietary technology – Espyian.



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