Why is mobile optimization important?

You are all set! It seems that your business is now ready to take on the digital space. Your social media pages look savvy enough (check), the business lines are open to accommodate calls (done), and most importantly, your website looks neat and equipped to face your potential clients… or is it? 

Upon checking your analytics, you may have noticed that your website visitors are overwhelmingly using desktops or laptops. Nonetheless, there seems to be a dismal performance in terms of visitors using mobile, and that may have caused you to raise some legitimate concerns. True enough, more than half of web browsers worldwide are accounted for mobile users and it’s a figure that we should not take for granted. 

So what is happening? 

Upon setting-up an investigation, you have discovered that your website is not entirely apt for mobile browsing, which you reckon, a factor why you only have a handful of visitors from mobile users. The website looks difficult to maneuver and explore which make your guest leave with no hesitation, yet full of frustration. And that is the moment that you understand the importance of mobile optimization of your website. 

What is Mobile Optimization? 

In a nutshell, mobile optimization refers to the process of enhancing the features of your website to make it compatible with mobile browsing. Since the browsing experience between mobile and desktop differs in many forms, ensuring that your website is well-suited to both devices is extremely important in capturing your market, regardless of which device they are using. 

Why Mobile Optimization is Important? 

We have mentioned earlier that a significant proportion of web browsers are using mobile devices. And with that, a poorly designed website for a mobile browsing experience will make it susceptible to user frustration and ultimately, user abandonment. But here are also some other reasons why an optimized website should be considered with utmost importance: 

  1. A mobile-optimized website ranks high in Google search.
  2. Mobile-optimized websites have faster loading speed which makes the user experience and transactions smoother and easier. 
  3. Voice search is highly concentrated on mobile, which makes items 1 and 2 all the more important especially when you want your website to be prioritized in terms of search engines.

How can I know if my website is optimized?

Aside from checking your website from your mobile itself, you can also have a quick and easy look at your mobile optimization on your desktop by following the steps below: 

Step 1: Go to your website and right click your mouse, and click “Inspect”. 

Step 2: Click “Responsive” and choose a device that you would like to check your website’s look. 

Step 3: Assess the website’s responsiveness by visiting the pages inside, the loading speed,  and by checking the buttons that it has and how it reciprocates to your actions. 


Mobile optimization is as important as your website’s appearance in desktop browsers, especially that mobile browsing is steadily increasing in terms of user preference. In fact, it has presently overtaken desktop browser search and is expected to roll further in the years to come. 

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