9 Social Media Tips For Gyms & Fitness Centres

Not sure what to post on social media for your gym or fitness centre? We’ve got you covered.

Let’s start with the importance of building social media relationships, from Marketing Strategist Lindsay P.

Posting is really important for gyms because most of members will follow you. This means that they can easily share your posts with friends or comment and tag friends in your posts to help you bring in new members!

Make sure you always keep your social media pages updated with promotions, tips and motivational posts.

What Should Your Gym Post on Social Media?

1. Share your daily workout.

In the gym world, people love videos of workouts. They like to have a general idea of what they will be doing before they commit to joining. I always recommend showing actual members (if they allow it) doing the workouts to highlight their movements and class structure.

This is especially important for gyms that offer a different workout each day!

2. Post photos of your equipment.

If your gym doesn’t do group classes or daily workouts, pictures are a great way to show off your equipment, the quality of your machines and the layout of your gym.

3. Get in on the transformation Tuesday trend.

Transformation Tuesday posts are a fantastic way to give potential members an idea of the success your current clients are experiencing with your programs!

Talk to your members about submitting before and after photos, and with their permission, post those photos to social media with a little background information about the person.

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #TransformationTuesday if you’re posting on Twitter or Instagram so that your post will reach people who don’t already follow you.

4. Show off your retail products.

If you offer protein/recovery drinks or other retail products, share photos so that followers and potential members see what you sell. Don’t forget to mention any retail specials and sales you have going on!

5. Share an emotional story.

We have had great success with anything emotional. An example could be talking about why trainers at the gym love what they do.

If you post something emotional, you will get better engagement, and your audience will be more likely to share your posts, putting your gym in front of an even larger audience!

6. Motivate members with the perfect quote.

At some point, everyone hits a wall in their fitness routine.

This is when your members need you the most! Help them climb that wall by providing them a little motivation via an inspirational quote.

Seeing those words on their Facebook or Instagram feed could be just the push your members need to get out of bed and hit the gym.

Plus, this content is extremely shareable. When followers share your quote on their page, you’ll get a boost in brand awareness and maybe even get some new recruits!

7. Share recipes for healthy eating.

Eating right isn’t easy, and people can feel overwhelmed when trying to find healthy recipes that still taste good and are easy to make. Help your members out by sharing your favourite healthy recipes from around the web.

Whether it’s a superfood salad, the perfect pre-workout smoothie or a guilt-free snack, they’ll definitely appreciate you doing the homework for them.

8. Boost your retention by posting a shout-out to your most dedicated members.

Stock photos for some posts are fine, but sharing real and in the moment images will resonate better with your audience.

Some gyms that give their dedicated members shout outs on progress or commitments see great retention with those clients.

If you notice a certain individual, a couple or even a family committing to their fitness goals, give them a shout out to recognize their hard work.

9. Try an employee spotlight post.

Share a photo and a fun fact about a different employee each month.

Posting about your personal trainers, receptionists or class instructors can make members feel more comfortable approaching them.

Final Social Media Tips for Gyms and Fitness Centres

A lot of business owners are busy with the countless responsibilities that come along with owning a business. So, if you don’t have time to post to social media, delegate someone that you know will post on a daily basis.

And, don’t forget to set up a posting schedule to stay on track or even prepare your posts and schedule ahead of time!

Source: Isabella Anderson

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