Key Tips For Creating Effective B2C & B2B Facebook Ads

Looking for ways to make your Facebook ads more effective?

You’re in luck – recently, The Social Network has shared a collection of tips to help businesses create more effective ads, both for regular News Feed sponsored content, and in within its rising Facebook Stories platform.

First up, on feed ads – at its recent F8 developer conference, Facebook ran a series of sessions on Facebook advertising, and how to create more effective, resonant ads. In one of those sessions – Driving Business Growth with Facebook Marketing Technology and Partners – Facebook’s VP of Solutions Engineering and Partnerships, Vatsal Mehta, outlined various tips and insights into effective Facebook, Messenger and Instagram ad processes.

Included in Mehta’s presentation was this handy graphic of Facebook feed ads tips.

It’s simple, but it includes all the key elements of effective Facebook ads. Some of this, of course, may be obvious, but it’s a handy little one-shot checklist, which could be worth keeping nearby as you go about composing your Facebook campaigns.

In a separate announcement, Facebook has launched a new guide to running effective Stories ads with the visual assets you have available. You can read Facebook’s full rundown here, which includes various examples of effective Stories ads, but below is a one-sheet listing of the key tips.

Both are handy reminders on how to put together better Facebook ads, in both formats, and are worth taking a look at – and again, keeping handy for when you’re going about building your Facebook campaigns.

-Source: Andrew Hutchinson –Social Media Today

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